Reflecting on a breakthrough year for Onyx Recordings

Reazun Onyx Recordings

Despite 2020 being a complete shambles for the music and live events industry, we feel it's important to reflect on all the good that has happened - especially at Onyx Recordings.

Let's be honest, it hasn't been a good year for the industry, or the world for that matter. But for Onyx, 2020 has been a real breakthrough year for the label. One that has seen Onyx gain recognition from huge international publications, radio shows, artists, and above all, the wicked raving community who are as passionate as ever towards the path we're on. At the end of the day, we're nothing without all of you lot, so big ups! Seeing as it's coming up to the end of the year, we feel like now is the right time to properly reflect on some of the positives Onyx can take away from 2020.

Official releases

Since starting life in 2017 as a small label with big ideas, it's fair to say Onyx has significantly grown since its inception. Over the years we have poured a lot of energy into building the label organically through a free download model, but 2020 is the year where Onyx took the leap and began releasing official tracks. We kicked it off with Mofes' 'Flicker' EP, and have since seen releases from T95 & Duskee, Manual, Kontakt and Thread. It's wicked to see how well these releases have gone down with everyone. We can't explain how gassed we were to achieve #1s on Juno Download, alongside reaching the top of Beatport's Hype Chart with 'Break The Ice'. Plenty more releases to come in 2021...

Stay at Home Festival

As the first live streamed D&B festival to take place during lockdown, Stay at Home Festival was without doubt a special moment for not only the Onyx crew, but also for many frustrated ravers out there. It came at a time when we all really needed some escape from the doom of Covid. Whether it was T>I b2b Upgrade bringing joy into our lives with their boozy antics, Aphrodite shelling out a four deck mix with his mind powers, or the ravers finding every way possible to cause damage to their nans, Stay at Home Festival created such positive energy during a negative time. It was the laugh everyone needed!

We really wanted to help others through such a difficult time, and through clubbing together as a community over three festivals, we managed to raise over £20,000 for the NHS, more than £6000 for Age UK, and over £1200 to support music artists whose incomes had been cut. Much love to everyone who got involved, it was an epic adventure! As much as we enjoyed the virtual events, we're currently planning our first live Onyx event in 2021. Stay tuned...

Stay at Home Festival 1

Award nominations

We know award nominations don't always mean much, but the fact that Onyx are being recognised does mean something to us. We were unbelievably gassed to receive the news that Stay at Home Festival was nominated for Best Virtual Festival in DJ Mag's Best of British Awards! To add to this, we even managed to come 2nd place in Drum&BassArena's 2020 award for Best Newcomer Label, which we are so unbelievably proud of. For us, it's not the winning that matters. We just feel humbled to be included among so many amazing names who have done big things for the scene this year. It's all about growth, and were going to continue pushing Onyx!

Our growing community

We couldn't reflect on the positives of 2020 and not mention the role all of you supporting the label have played. We feel blessed to have built such a close-knit community of ravers who always support our releases and share Onyx's developments far and wide. All things being well, next year we really hope to be visiting some of your cities and finally throwing some Onyx parties in real clubs. It has been on the cards for far too long... In the meantime, we have plenty more upcoming releases to keep you entertained. If you fancy getting your hands on five free remixes of DJ Gaw's 'Dutchie' - one of Onyx's most popular free downloads - then make sure to go cop our special Onyx print celebrating the release. Remixers include Aries & Nicky Blackmarket, Bruk, Manual, Stillz and Dreadnaught

Despite the negatives, 2020 has been a pretty good year for Onyx. Big ups to everyone involved along the way! We'll be bringing you our next release in the new year from an artist you know well 👀