Meet the artists playing Onyx Recordings' debut event

Onyx Recordings has achieved many landmarks since being established in 2017, but running our debut event is without doubt going to be one of the biggest yet. We can't even explain how big of a moment this is for our label! Taking place on June 16th at Bristol's Lakota Gardens, you can guarantee we will be causing some midweek chaos with the line-up we have booked - one featuring Operate b2b Kira, Ama b2b Natty Lou, and Reazun.

But are you aware of just how much chaos these artists are going to cause? If you're not, then how about we help you out. Ahead of our debut show this Wednesday, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a full rundown of the talents on the line-up, alongside asking the artists what we can expect from their sets.

Shutdown x Onyx Recordings at Lakota Gardens


Without doubt one of drum and bass' brightest prospects right now, Operate has been steadily sending ripples throughout the scene over the past few years. With releases on Hospital, Shogun and Overview, it's clear there are many in D&B taking note of Operate's production ability. For the most part, his sound falls into the deeper and heavier ends of the liquid spectrum, but that's not to say he doesn't like to create a few naughty curveballs every now and then... The same goes for his DJ sets - especially considering the amount of dubs he is currently sat on. Operate's Shutdown set with Kira also marks a Bristol debut for the pair!

"I’ve had my eye on the shutdown events for a long time because of how sick they look, so I was very excited to get asked to come down and play! This is one of my first sets since lockdown where I'll be able to unleash the hench stash of lockdown dubs I've been building, which is very saucy indeed. It’s also rare for Kira and I to go b2b so this will be a special one for the Bristol lot to hear!" - Operate


Specialising in the deeper, darker drum and bass sonics, Kira's reputation as a music selector has continued to draw plaudits since learning to DJ in 2016. Born of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian heritage, it's fair to say the Bournemouth-based artist brings a whole bag of musical influence with her. From playing at Red Bull's Open House, to being booked for Outlook Festival, Kira is very much a name in demand right now - and for good reason! Expect high energy when she gets behind the decks with Operate.

"Myself and Operate are super gassed to finally have our Bristol debut. You can expect this b2b to be full of high energy vibes, some cheeky classics, and a selection of sought after dubs. Us playing together is definitely a rare occasion, so it only makes sense to plan an exciting full spectrum set for the Bristol crowd!" - Kira



Some people may know her as an artist that has blown up over the past year, but really, Ama has been perfecting her craft as a D&B DJ for a solid eight years. Playing shows as far as the US and South Africa, and as big as Outlook, Ama is without doubt a talent on many radars. Alongside being a wicked selector who draws for everything from soulful liquid to heavy rollers, what makes Ama so special is her positive energy behind the decks. As a raver, when you see a DJ smile and react as much as her, you can't help but take some of that energy for yourself! It's infectious. You'll have a hard time keeping yourself sat on the bench when Ama takes control of the decks...

“I cannot wait to shell it down with Natty Lou at Lakota! The selection of tunes we have in store for you!! It’s going to be crazy.” - Ama

Natty Lou

A certified Concrete Junglist with a long history in the scene, Cardiff-based Natty Lou has been involved in drum and bass for many years as a DJ and a dancer. Since 2020, she has used lockdown as an opportunity to take her DJ career further and is now sponsored by drum and bass’ leading streetwear brand, Concrete Junglists. If you follow her socials then you'll know of her talent as a music selector with a love of energetic mixing. But alongside DJing, Natty is also a resident dancer for EDC Festival and has performed alongside pioneers including Roni Size and Andy C, so you can guarantee she will perform when she gets behind the decks with Ama!

"It was my first time meeting Ama in Bournemouth last month and we clicked so well! We bounce off each other and bring lots of fire and energy in the mix. Expect an energetic set covering a whole load of different sub-genres of D&B when we link up in Bristol!" - Natty Lou


Reazun is not only a talented DJ who has been active in drum and bass for several years, he's also a member of the Onyx Recordings team! As the person running the label's monthly Oncast, he holds the key to the stash of prized dubs Onyx have locked away - a selection of which you may hear at Lakota... Originally cutting his teeth as a jump up DJ specialising in four-deck mixes, Reazun's ability to excite with his mixing is unquestionable. But as the first set of our Shutdown event, he'll no doubt be drawing for a wide range of influences to get proceedings simmering.

"As the main resident for Onyx, you can expect LOTS of DUBBBBBBBSSSSSSS, and lots of new music from sick up-and-coming producers! Expect quick three-deck filth and lots of double drops. As the warm up act, I’m not going to go straight in though. We provide a 360 sound at Onyx so that's exactly what i’m going to play in my set." - Reazun

Get your table booked for Shutdown x Onyx Recordings at Lakota Gardens on June 16th.