Introducing Onyx Recordings' first roster signing: 107

Big news coming from the Onyx Recordings camp today as we unveil 107 as our first official roster signing! We've kept the news hush for a while now, but on the back of releasing 107's debut Cijfer EP, we are stoked to finally announce this huge moment for our label.

But who are 107 we hear you ask? Well, they're a trio of producers who some of you may recognise. Comprised of A K A, Dub Majesty and Missen, this group has been chipping away with various projects over the years, but as 107, they're an altogether different beast ready to tear up drum and bass.

The group are currently sat on an artillery of dubs that are crying out to see the light of day, and that's what makes their debut Cijfer EP an even more exciting moment. Locked in as the third instalment of Onyx’s JET series, it’s an EP showcasing exactly what people can expect from this mysterious outfit, which they reference as an old school Critical Music vibe.

With influences spanning soul, reggae, garage, jump up and jungle, you can expect a whole host of variation and unpredictability from 107 going forward. After simmering away for far too long, this melting pot of talent is now approaching boiling point. Come and get a taste of 107's Cijfer EP while it's still hot.

"We started 107 around 2016 after meeting at university and quickly put together a few tunes - two of which gained support from Noisia and Reso. Despite the initial response, our solo projects took over and the first real opportunity to write music as 107 wasn’t until we started putting together what is now Cijfer. The EP took a while to get right, and thankfully Onyx helped us to refine our sound in the process. The signing to Onyx is the best start we could have hoped for as it has opened up new opportunities. We’re excited to see what comes next for us. There has never been a better time to push this project." - 107

Check out 107's debut Cijfer EP.